Reasons why to work at a summer camp this season

Work at summer camp

Working at a summer camp in US provides experiences which are unmatched and enriching. These jobs allow you to learn and develop skills that will enhance your job marketability. It may be a cliche but summer camp job maybe your best ever work experience. Sharing some reasons why to work at a summer camp this season as you get paid for being a superhero and doing all sorts of wacky stuff. While you get tanned, have fun and relax by performing the summer camp job at your choice destination, you also have a plethora skill building options which will add further to your resume. The perks and benefits of being into a camp job are not bad either. Its actually amazing and it strengthens your employability. Business Managers often weigh the camp job experiences of individuals higher than their counterparts, for it adds invaluable leadership skills, personnel skills and managerial acumen.

Working at a summer camp will give you the chance to try endless new activities in stunning and captivating locations. Feel the power of life-changing experiences, get enthralled by being a part of multi-cultural and multi-faceted adventure. Grab your summer camp job options and add credits to further your college education. As it does speak richly about your professional skills. It is enriching and memorable for every one who likes to be with kids, enjoys outdoors and adventures, who loves a little merry-making while at work and who adores the idea of being a role model.

Reasons why to work at a summer camp this season:

1- You learn to be a role model or superhero:

You learn to be a role modelBeing a role model and being looked up to is an exclusive perk of being into summer camp job. You have to constantly rise and improvise for, little campers look at you as an inspiration. You have to supervise and encourage kids to overcome their anxieties and fears in life. Also specially if you have middle school and high school kids, your responsibility outlines beyond professional paradigm. Pre-teen angst and puberty crisis makes adolescence a bumpy patch for most kids. Their apprehensions and agitations are at the peak and they constantly need a drive or a punch bag, as someone who is approachable, understanding and inspiring, and more so who becomes their confidante. Most camp jobs are grabbed by college kids or final year students, and they have most recent associations with these feelings. So they turn out a model influence for fellow campers.

2- Twined with fun comes dynamic challenges, which are larger than life experiences:

Twined with fun comes dynamic challengesImagine a game with last few minutes until victory and both teams have equal chances of winning, and suddenly that one miss from you and it can overturn everything. This is how it feels most of the time as a summer camp sounselor. Pressure, excitement, fun, adventure, adrenaline rush and contentment in addition to anxiety, traction and panic. Let all these emotions fill your days and nights and experience what is said to be “a larger than life living”

3- Working under stress becomes your forte which is an inspiration for your own self:

Working under stressSummer camp jobs are not just for your enrichment but self-reflection and introspection too. Never can any job prepare you for bigger challenges ahead in such an amusing and captivating manner. Everything at hand is limited, be it free time or your interactions or training and you learn to provide self-care in addition to being a companion for the little campers. Your patience and composure makes for your job marketability and self-enrichment.

4- BFF’s and it literally is so, you make best friends for life with fellow counselors and campers:

BFFsThe situations and experiences bond you so beautifully that its more than camplife friendships. Most of the lifelong friendships are born out of experiences together. And experiences of happiness and sadness, of excitement and dismay, of fun and frolic in addition to adventure and anxiety. This diversity in friendship is too tough to recreate.

5- You get paid in addition to perks of a vacation:

You get paid in addition to perks of a vacationThe pay ranges from $5 to $30 an hour and even more for some special camps. But the exciting part is the perks of everything else covered, not really letting you have to shell out any money during the camps. The food, fun, adventure, party and basics are free and available in plenty. All the money you earn is a fixed credit that comes your way without any further debits.

6- A camping expedition with a twist:

A camping expeditionBeing at summer camp is like camping with like minded people. No TV, no family, no friends, no network for most part, no movies and no binging on your own food. You live the camping fun with more adventure and some pre-determined format.

7- Uniform to curb your morning huddles:

Uniform to curb your morning huddlesHaving a work uniform is almost like saving on the efforts of choosing, arranging and maintaining your wardrobe. And the uniforms are far cool than just a match. Splashed with rainbow colors it is a lovely addition for most part of your summer attire.

8- Amazing campfire experiences:

Amazing campfire experiencesS’mores and unshakable fulfillment from partying with like minded folks. Collapsing in laughter, chatting all through the night, never ending slumber parties and same bunch of people who share your quirky quotient. It is an experience to inspire and tinkle yourself and others for years ahead. And you don’t have to explain to your family about all that fun either. What happens at summer camps, stays at summer camps

9- It may help you find your forte:

It may help you find your forteSome camp counselor take it ahead from the camp jobs. Their skills and experiences make way for a career ahead. These jobs prepare you and encourage you to pick your talents and rise with them. Most camp counselors are undecided for their paths ahead, it gives them a chance for self-direction and finding their muse. A camp job is life changing experience which not only adds fun but also prepares for some serious tasks ahead. Most of the counselors change their majors and rise ahead with camp related jobs, with even brighter hopes.

10- It is not for everyone, so be it just YOU:

be it just YOUOnly the ones who love kids, have indefinite levels of patience and enjoy exploring their own selves, click with camp jobs. So if you have the grit and the charm then grab your chance here. It will be your most wonderful choice for summer jobs this year. Check campnavigator for finding your choice of summer camp job now, as most places are already offering wonderful opportunities. Catch the worm as an early bird, before it progresses to noon.

So much for just the 10 weeks of summers, is not only amazing and lucrative but also a well receive volunteer experience on your resume. So en-cash your chance for a wonderful and enriching experience like none other. Share the above on reasons why to work at a summer camp this season, and keep writing us. We love to hear from you.

By Minu Manisha